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Call UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi through Voip and Save Money

Emerging Trends of VoIP

The telecommunication sector of UAE is one of the most developed and technologically advanced sectors in UAE. The government has played key role in fostering growth of telecom sector in the country. Currently, the telecommunication industry of UAE is fast and effective across all platforms with fixed-line, internet and mobile connectivity amongst the excellent in the world. With the easy access of advanced technology and changing lifestyle, the usage trends of telecommunication services are changing drastically amongst the in UAE consumers, just from traditional calls to modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to avail the benefits of low costs.

The Development So Far

The UAE telecom sector has been regulated by country’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), which was established during 2003. Since the inception of TRA, the country’s telecom infrastructure has become more sophisticated. It has also enabled competitive market environment through giving license to second telecom operator ‘Du’, resulted into improve communications to offer users more options and choices. Currently, the sector comprises two service providers namely Emirates Telecommunication Corp (Etisalat) and Du telecom (Du). Further, the TRA has taken several steps like creation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development fund to foster growth of the sector. It has also worked out other areas of growth like mobile internet and 4G services to continue growth of telecom sector in UAE.

As a result, the telecom sector of UAE has registered remarkable growth; making country as most forward countries in the Middle-East. As per the latest statistics (November 2014) of TRA, UAE has   2,120,965 to 25.2% penetration of fixed line telecom users the country. Furthermore, it has reported remarkable growth in terms of mobile subscribers in the country. As on November 2014, UAE has almost 16,964,652 numbers of registered mobile users in the country, showing mobile penetration to around 202%. Looking to the internet users, the country has total 8,807,226 internet users, majority of them are broadband subscribers showing internet penetration to around 93.24% in the country.

The Emerging Trends

Cheap Calls to United Arab Emirates
Cheap Calls to United Arab Emirates
The key interesting fact of UAE is that, it has almost 78% of smartphone penetration in the country, showing highest penetration rates in the MENAP (Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan) region. Furthermore, the country has around 81% of the smartphone users are in the age group of 16-34 years. Being larger penetration of modern technology (smartphones) with young age modern consumers, it is obvious that there is higher usage of internet over the smartphones in UAE. Having multi-purpose functionality, the smart phones are being used on varied purpose by the UAE consumers like text & voice communication, VoIP calls, online shopping, playing game, online financial transactions, watching videos,  listing music’s, etc.

With the increasing internet penetration and easy accessibility of modern technology (like PC and smartphones) the voice calling trends amongst UAE consumers are shifting just from traditional calls to modern cheap calling option known as ‘VoIP’ calls.

If you are living abroad and wish to talk with your family or business professionals in UAE, VoIP might be the advanced option for you to make cheap calls to UAE. In fact, you need to take care in terms of selection of suitable calling card from the reputed service providers like Skype, TringMe, etc. to make cheap international calls

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