Thursday, 17 December 2015

Make Cheap International Calls to Russia

The advancements in the telecom infrastructure made positive impact on how Russia is communicating internationally. The quality of incoming and outgoing international calls improved along with the cost effective alternatives for calling on mobile and landline phones internationally. Among which using internet telephony also known as VoIP, the international calling to Russia become very cheap. The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls use internet protocol to route voice packets over an IP network hence is quite simple and inexpensive way to make and receive international phone calls using just your internet connection. As a result, many full service VoIP players provide cheap international calls to Russia. Two such leading players, Skype and TringMe offers cheap calls to Russia, where 1st is known for making video calls whereas later is  leader in making HD voice quality calls over landline and phone calls with one of the lowest rates in industry. The increased penetration of high-speed internet access with supported infrastructure paved the way for increased usage of cheap VoIP calls Russia.

In Russia, coupled with the technological advancements in the telecom services the market growth is further fuelled by investments of cellular operators and broadband internet access expansion. However in recent past few years, the market seems to reach its maturity, only the mobile and fixed voice service which were the main revenue generation for the operators, witnessed a stagnation or somewhat decline. The only growing telecom services in Russia in last 3-2 years remain the fixed and mobile internet access and pay TV services, of which the growth and value of these telecom segments not sufficient to drive the entire telecom market in the country.

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Friday, 4 December 2015

Great Way for Cheap International Calls to Mexico

Cheap Calls to Mexico

To reform the market of communications and make the cost more competitive the new legislation introduced in the history of Mexican telecommunications from January this year. The new law made two important changes to telephony pricing in Mexico. First, all the calls are charged as local calls means pricing structure for long distance calls from land lines was disbanded, making all calls from landlines prices as local calls. Second major change, there will be no long distance cell phone charges. Earlier incoming calls were also charged when mobile phone is roaming out of its area code. The changed law disbanded the price distinction between calls to local mobile and out of area mobile from landlines so currently dialing out of area mobile from landline is now charges as a local call.

The changes in domestic law made positive impact on the international calls to Mexico as well, as many people are in need of unlimited and cheap international calls to Mexico for their business or staying in touch with their loved ones. With using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, the international calling to Mexico become easy and cheap resulting in huge savings in international call costs. This VoIP call uses internet protocol to route voice packets over an IP network. Where IP is just a large group of specifications that define how data will be transmitted over a data network. The biggest benefit of this data network is, it does not require a constant connection like the ordinary phone lines do, so they tend to work more efficiently. VoIP is a simple and inexpensive way to make and receive phone calls using your Internet connection rather than your standard phone line as a result, the VoIP players provide cheap international calling plans to Mexico starting from few cents per minutes for most cities making it most convenient and popular way for international calls.

For VoIP calls, all you need is internet supporting devices such as laptop, desktop, notebook, tablet or cell phone. Today most of the computers and smartphones are well equipped to make internet telephony calls. TringMe is the leading players offering cheap calls to Mexico. Skype is leading in video calls whereas TringMe is leader in making HD voice quality calls over landline and phone calls with one of the lowest rates in industry. Thus the increased awareness and the supported infrastructure for high speed internet has resulted in increased usage of internet telephony for not just incoming but also for outgoing international calls, resulting in new wave of how the international voice communication in Mexico is shaping up.

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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Make Cheap Calls to India with VoIP Technology

Cheap Calls to India
Cheap Calls to India
The Indian telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, thanks to the ever growing potential in terms of adding new users. For the domestic and foreign players, India remain still most attractive telecom market due to still it is one the lowest penetrated markets. The major sectors of Indian telecom industry are telephony, internet, data centers and broadcasting. Among which telephony, which further categorized into fixed line telephony and mobile telephony and the Internet usage have shown tremendous potential and driving the growth of industry.

During last decade the telecom subscriber base expanded substantially in India. The telephone subscriber base reached 1,000 million in last May, 2015 among which the mobile segment holds more than 95% and rest lies with fixed line connections, making India second-largest telecommunication market and third highest number of internet users in the world.

With the advent of technological revolution, the communication not just within but cross border also become very convenient and cheap, particularly the voice communication. The new breed of telecom companies, using VoIP technology has made possible; very cheap calls to India. Voice over Internet Protocol, termed in short as ‘VoIP' is a group of technologies for delivery of audio and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks such as internet. The introduction of mass market VoIP services that utilize existing broadband internet connections was major development in 2004, by which the users can make and receive phone calls in similar manner as they do via public switched telephone network. VoIP is now very well associated with internet telephony, IP telephony and broadband telephony. Now a day, VoIP is available on almost all the Smartphone's, personal computers, and on any device on which Internet access is possible. Calls and Text messages can be sent over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network.

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Call UAE Dubai Abu Dhabi through Voip and Save Money

Emerging Trends of VoIP

The telecommunication sector of UAE is one of the most developed and technologically advanced sectors in UAE. The government has played key role in fostering growth of telecom sector in the country. Currently, the telecommunication industry of UAE is fast and effective across all platforms with fixed-line, internet and mobile connectivity amongst the excellent in the world. With the easy access of advanced technology and changing lifestyle, the usage trends of telecommunication services are changing drastically amongst the in UAE consumers, just from traditional calls to modern VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services to avail the benefits of low costs.

The Development So Far

The UAE telecom sector has been regulated by country’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA), which was established during 2003. Since the inception of TRA, the country’s telecom infrastructure has become more sophisticated. It has also enabled competitive market environment through giving license to second telecom operator ‘Du’, resulted into improve communications to offer users more options and choices. Currently, the sector comprises two service providers namely Emirates Telecommunication Corp (Etisalat) and Du telecom (Du). Further, the TRA has taken several steps like creation of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development fund to foster growth of the sector. It has also worked out other areas of growth like mobile internet and 4G services to continue growth of telecom sector in UAE.

As a result, the telecom sector of UAE has registered remarkable growth; making country as most forward countries in the Middle-East. As per the latest statistics (November 2014) of TRA, UAE has   2,120,965 to 25.2% penetration of fixed line telecom users the country. Furthermore, it has reported remarkable growth in terms of mobile subscribers in the country. As on November 2014, UAE has almost 16,964,652 numbers of registered mobile users in the country, showing mobile penetration to around 202%. Looking to the internet users, the country has total 8,807,226 internet users, majority of them are broadband subscribers showing internet penetration to around 93.24% in the country.

The Emerging Trends

Cheap Calls to United Arab Emirates
Cheap Calls to United Arab Emirates
The key interesting fact of UAE is that, it has almost 78% of smartphone penetration in the country, showing highest penetration rates in the MENAP (Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan) region. Furthermore, the country has around 81% of the smartphone users are in the age group of 16-34 years. Being larger penetration of modern technology (smartphones) with young age modern consumers, it is obvious that there is higher usage of internet over the smartphones in UAE. Having multi-purpose functionality, the smart phones are being used on varied purpose by the UAE consumers like text & voice communication, VoIP calls, online shopping, playing game, online financial transactions, watching videos,  listing music’s, etc.

With the increasing internet penetration and easy accessibility of modern technology (like PC and smartphones) the voice calling trends amongst UAE consumers are shifting just from traditional calls to modern cheap calling option known as ‘VoIP’ calls.

If you are living abroad and wish to talk with your family or business professionals in UAE, VoIP might be the advanced option for you to make cheap calls to UAE. In fact, you need to take care in terms of selection of suitable calling card from the reputed service providers like Skype, TringMe, etc. to make cheap international calls

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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Trends of VoIP in Australian Telecommunication Industry

The Australian telecommunication industry involves the availability and use of electronic devices and services such as telephone, radio, television and computer for the purpose of communication. With the growing participation in the digital economy, communication trends in Australia are continuously shifting from fixed-line voice telephony to online and mobile based communication. The growing penetration and usage of internet has changed the Australia’s communication landscape.

The Sectoral Growth

As on June 2014, Australia has 31.01 million of mobile subscribers in the country. These numbers are marginally decline compare to the previous year due to diverse factors, however showing potential for further growth. Further, there is a constant replacement trend of existing mobile handset with smartphones, with 12.09 million people using smart phone at May 2014, grown to 8% since 2013. This has further led to increase the number of mobile internet subscribers in the country –increase by 5% to 26.52 million subscribers during the same period of time. Overall, Australia has 33.05 million of total internet subscribers (26.52 mobile internet subscribers +5.95 fixed line subscribers) reported 90% of the internet penetration in the country. As per Broadband Commission for Digital Development, Australia ranked fourth in terms of mobile-internet penetration per 100 inhabitants across the 138 country of the world during December 2013.

The Emerging Trends

The numbers of fixed-line telephone subscribers are constantly declining due to people’s more inclination towards multipurpose mobile phone services. As of June 2014, Australia has 9.19 million of fixed-line telephone subscribers, which might be further decline in coming days. The key emerging trends of Australian telecommunication sector is significant growth of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as medium of communication. Registering a healthy growth of 6%, VoIP users are increased to 4.87 million during June 2014. The major growth of VoIP usage related to the use of OTT services via mobile phones and tablets (increased 41% and 48% respectively).

The increasing growth of VoIP communication services in Australia providing challenge to the fixed and mobile voice revenue streams. This remarkable growth of VoIP over tablets and mobile phone is due to rapid take-up of smartphones handsets and availability of easy to use application by VoIP service providers (e.g. Skype, TringMe) which encourage the use VoIP facility in these devices.

The growth in the use of VoIP permit phone calls including telemarketing calls, to be made from virtually everywhere in the world with marginal or no cost. As a result, VoIP is emerged as one of the best alternatives for cheap international calls in Australia and across the globe. Furthermore, the Australia’s business relations are spread across the global economies and vice-versa; requires constant international communication to be made either through traditional or VoIP facilities. The major numbers of international callers prefer VoIP as the best and cheapest communication option to make cheap calls to Australia.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Trends of VoIP in Chinese Telecommunication Industry

The Chinese telecommunication industry has undergone drastically change after the restructuring process undertaken by the government during 1994, 1999 and further in 2002. Currently, the industry have been dominated by three state-owned companies known as China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobil, each one engaged in varied areas of the telecommunication sector, however having different focus areas. The current market trends are changing from just traditional calls and instant messages to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to avail benefits of low cost international calls.

The Development

The world’s largest populated country, China has largest fixed line and mobile network across the globe in term of both network capacity as well as number of subscribers. As of November 2014, China has reported a total of about 250 million of fixed line telecom subscribers and 1.28 billion of mobile phone subscribers in the country. As a result, the fixed-line teledensity and mobile teledensity reached to around 18.6 and 93.5 respectively during the same period of time. Due to the features of multipurpose uses, the mobile subscribers are growing rapidly in the country and the trends of fixed-line telecom are decreasing amongst the Chinese people in recent past few years. The Chinese telecom sector is adding around 1.25 millions of mobile subscribers every week.

Looking to the internet penetration, China is the home of world’s largest internet users. The country has 481 million of 3G subscribers using internet over mobile phone and around 200 millions of people using broadband internet service. As of 2014, China has around 46% of internet penetration, which is further growing quickly. The largest numbers of internet users in China are taking advantage of it on numerous ways. One of the emerging trends amongst Chinese consumers is increasing usage of VoIP for cheap international calls. As of March 2013, China has more than 12 million of registered VoIP users in the country, considering VoIP as the best cheap call option to make or receive international call across various country of the globe.

Why VoIP to Call in China?

VoIP is the latest technology to revolutionize the global communication. It is indeed an affordable means of making cheap international calls. China is the manufacturing hub of the world and therefore business fraternity of the world economies continuous required to make calls to China for business perspectives. The larger numbers of Chinese people are also spread across various countries of the globe for varied reasons and constantly required to be in touch with their personal and professional networks in China. VoIP is the best means of communication to make cheap calls to China, which is emerging among-st global users for business and personal purposes. The use of VoIP for international calls will reward you a lot of money benefits.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

VoIP Trends in Pakistan Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication services plays a crucial role in the development of economy, provides support and growth across the wide range of other industry in any economy. The level of telecommunication development is further determining factor for economy, social and cultural development of specific nation. The Pakistan has recently worked out the key developments in the telecom sector. The key focus is to expand utmost advantages to the general users in terms of easy accessibility of the better quality modern services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), through creating competitive business environment amongst the service providers.

The Current Scenario

The fastest growing Pakistan’s telecom sector has bought significant fiscal, social and economical advantages during the past decades. The telecom subscribers are growing rapidly in the country, reached to 137.7 million during April 2014, showing tremendous growth potential for related other services like use of smart phones and internet over the smart phones. The constantly growing Cellular teledensity is also reached to 75.6% during April 2014. The telecommunication industry of Pakistan provides lucrative business potential and considered as the key target market by global companies. 

As of June 2013, Pakistan has around 129 million of cellular subscribers, showing about 72% penetration in the country. The country has reported growth of mobile users to around 7% annually during fiscal 2012-13. Pakistan’s mobile network has been spread over more than 92% of the total geographical areas of the country. The broadband penetration is competitively slow in the country to around 1.52 individual per 100 people, however showing rapid growth in recent past few years. The people of Pakistan are quickly catching up the technological advancement, especially in mobile and use of social media. The country has limited smart phone users to around 8-10% of total mobile users, however, it rising quickly day-to-day. 

Shifting Trends towards Cheap VoIP Calls

The telecommunication usage trends in Pakistan are shifting from just a traditional voice call and instant messages towards the use of modern technologies for multipurpose. People have started taking advantages of cheap call options using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), for domestic and international calls. VoIP offers the best alternatives for cheap calls to Pakistan. Many of the Pakistan people are spread over across the globe and already availing advantage of VoIP facility for making cheap international calls to Pakistan.

If you are living outside the Pakistan and thinking to make calls to Pakistan, just try VoIP which is the most convenient service available at competitively low costs. If you have internet facility over the computer or smart phones, you can take advantage of this facility to make a direct call to your personal or professional colleagues over the PC, land-line or mobile phones.

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Monday, 9 March 2015

Growing Trends of VoIP in US Telecom Sector

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The telecommunication industry of USA is one of the large having technologically advanced and multipurpose communication system. The country has large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial wire, and a domestic satellite carries every form of phone traffic; a quickly rising cellular system carries mobile phone traffic across the country. Continued with robust growth in connectivity demand, innovation in devices and service offering are the key trends reflected by the present telecom sector of the country. Besides these, the sector is focusing on the following few key important factors like –
  • Increasing traction of wireless networks
  • Aggressive expansion of high-speed fiber-based network, specifically for video/TV offerings
  • Consolidation within the industry for better service offerings
  • Continuous innovation in products and service offerings
  • To tap the untapped market as nearly fifth of rural American household lack the broadband access.
The Development

The telecommunication sector is one the fastest growing sector in USA. As of 2013, the country has around 135 million wire line telephone subscribers and 335.65 numbers of wireless subscribers in the country. The country has registered 104.3% of wireless penetration in the country. Furthermore, there are 68.8% of total mobile users are using smart phone in USA. The uses of internet over the smart phone are also increasingly amongst the American consumers. As on June 2014, the country has 85.9 million broadband subscribers and growing further towards the 100 million subscribers in near future. Overall, USA has 87% of the internet penetration in the country.

The growing trends of VoIP
The growing trends of VoIP clearly reflect the changing communication trends amongst the American consumers. This is due to VoIP offers competitively cheap calling options for domestic or international calls. Super power America’s business relations are spread across the globe and constant required to the international communication. Furthermore, the larger numbers of people from global economies are migrated to USA for job or business perspectives, though their relatives and business associate constant requires making calls to USA. If you are one of them and searching for better option for cheap international calls to USA, you can avail the VoIP facility, which might be the best alternatives for you in making cheap calls to USA.

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Making Cheap Calls to India is No More Difficult

With the advancement in technological innovation, making cheap calls to India is no more difficult one. Many people are living abroad and required to talk with their friends, family or professional groups on regular basis. If you are one of them, you might be in search for simple and affordable calling options to stay in touch with your loved one.

In this era of competition, you may find plenty of options in the market for cheap international calls to India. However, you need to take the informed decision in terms of selection of specific option based on your requirement. One of the convenient and cost-effective ways to stay in touch with friends, family and professional group in different countries is via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is software technologies enable you to make cheap calls using the internet. It is a big step up from ordinary e-mail and instant messaging, one of the major plus point is that it allows you to make video calls enable face-to-face communication.

There are several reasons to choose VoIP as best alternatives in making cheap calls to India. According to Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI), India has 190 million internet users at the end of June 2013, which is the key motive behind choosing such option. Besides these, the country is the home of world’s second largest mobile user. The access of smart phones is growing rapidly in the country and use of internet over the phone is became a common phenomenon for many Indians. 

If you wish to avail the dial-up services for making cheap international calls, you need to open an account with service providers. To get started you need computer, broadband internet connection, a webcam and working microphone. The person to whom you wish to talk also required the same things to talk with you. You can also do a cheap international call using your Windows, iPhone, Android, or Blackberry mobile phones through downloading free VoIP international calling apps in your device.

It is quite obvious that not everyone has internet access over the computer or mobile phone with whom you wish to talk in India. However, still you can use VoIP services to speak to them over mobiles and landlines. Majority of VoIP service providers offer you such paid service, but Skype and TringMe offers the best call rates compare to others.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Emerging Trends of VoIP in Indian Telecommunication Industry

Globally the telecommunication sector has been recognized as an essential tool for socio-economic development for a country and plays a crucial role in modernization and growth of various other sector of the economy. Over the past few years, Indian telecom sector has shown considerable growth, thanks to domestic demand, policy initiatives from the government and commendable efforts from the industry players. The key segments of the Indian telecommunication industry consist of telephony or voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), internet and television broadcasting amongst many other services.

The Development

In the journey of continuous development, the Indian telecom sector has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The country has lowest call tariffs in the world supported by larger telephone network and extreme competitive market scenario. The Indian’s telecom network has been recognized as the world’s second largest network after China. As of October, 2014, India has 962.63 million of telephone subscribers, reflecting 0.52% of monthly growth rate. The teledensity has reached to 77.07 over the same period of time. Accounting for about 97% of the total telephone subscriptions in India, wireless segments dominates the largest telecom market in the country, whereas the wire line segments holds for the remaining 3%. The rural telecom users are growing rapidly compare to the urban market of the country.

Increasing Usage of Internet and Smart Phones

The smart phones which account for around 37% of all mobile phone subscriptions in the country are growing at CAGR 15% in India. It has been expected that there would be two smart phones for every three mobile connection by 2020, making India as the fourth largest smartphones market of the world. The affordable handset costs, coupled with growing usability and improved network coverage, are the key factors behind making success of mobile technology in India. Now, the internet penetration reached to around 15% in the country. As of December 2014, there were around 173 million internet users in India and it has been estimated that it would likely to reach to around 213 million by June 2015.

Emerging Trends of VoIP

The increasing penetration of internet and usage of smart phones in the country has further increased the use of VoIP calling amongst the users to take advantage of cheap/free voice/video calling services. As a result, in recent past few years, VoIP has emerged as one of the key option for cheap calls to India from the world economies. It is one the cost-effective and convenient options to stay in touch with family, friends and professional colleagues through cheap international calls.  

If you are living in abroad and wish to be in regular touch with your personal or professional group, now it’s not a difficult for you, as there are ample numbers of cheap calls alternatives available from various VoIP service providers. The availability of abundance of VoIP services providers, offers you numerous of calling card options; however you have to take care in choosing the best alternatives. It is advisable that always don’t go with cheapest alternatives, which sometime diminish quality of your calls. The leading service providers like TringMe, Skype, etc. are offering the better quality of service at affordable costs. At the end, you must have to be sure that you will be getting the hassle free VoIP calling service from your service providers to say ‘Hello’ to your loved one. 

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