Thursday, 4 February 2016

Make Cheap International Calls to UAE

Though having one of the most modern infrastructures and growing sector, the telecommunications services in UAE remained one the costliest and also the sector is governed by stringent laws. One of the stringent regulations is related to internet content filtering in many social, political and security areas. As a result, many low cost calling solutions are banned in UAE, one of such is VoIP telephony, which allows users to make phone and video calls over land lines and mobiles using internet for free or at the lowest costs compared to charge by traditional network operators.

The VoIP regulations was first introduced in UAE way back in 2006, banning the use of service except for national calls to protect their telecom operators as expatriates make up significant portion of population. Due to this though having one of the highest expat rates in the world, the friends and relatives of expats back home unable to make cheap international calls to UAE. All the VoIP players, are banned in UAE however very few global players make it to provide cheap calls to UAE, one such player is TringMe, leader in making HD voice quality calls to landline and mobile phone calls with one of the cheapest calling rates in the VoIP calling industry allowing its subscribers to make cheap calls to UAE.

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