Friday, 4 December 2015

Great Way for Cheap International Calls to Mexico

Cheap Calls to Mexico

To reform the market of communications and make the cost more competitive the new legislation introduced in the history of Mexican telecommunications from January this year. The new law made two important changes to telephony pricing in Mexico. First, all the calls are charged as local calls means pricing structure for long distance calls from land lines was disbanded, making all calls from landlines prices as local calls. Second major change, there will be no long distance cell phone charges. Earlier incoming calls were also charged when mobile phone is roaming out of its area code. The changed law disbanded the price distinction between calls to local mobile and out of area mobile from landlines so currently dialing out of area mobile from landline is now charges as a local call.

The changes in domestic law made positive impact on the international calls to Mexico as well, as many people are in need of unlimited and cheap international calls to Mexico for their business or staying in touch with their loved ones. With using the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls, the international calling to Mexico become easy and cheap resulting in huge savings in international call costs. This VoIP call uses internet protocol to route voice packets over an IP network. Where IP is just a large group of specifications that define how data will be transmitted over a data network. The biggest benefit of this data network is, it does not require a constant connection like the ordinary phone lines do, so they tend to work more efficiently. VoIP is a simple and inexpensive way to make and receive phone calls using your Internet connection rather than your standard phone line as a result, the VoIP players provide cheap international calling plans to Mexico starting from few cents per minutes for most cities making it most convenient and popular way for international calls.

For VoIP calls, all you need is internet supporting devices such as laptop, desktop, notebook, tablet or cell phone. Today most of the computers and smartphones are well equipped to make internet telephony calls. TringMe is the leading players offering cheap calls to Mexico. Skype is leading in video calls whereas TringMe is leader in making HD voice quality calls over landline and phone calls with one of the lowest rates in industry. Thus the increased awareness and the supported infrastructure for high speed internet has resulted in increased usage of internet telephony for not just incoming but also for outgoing international calls, resulting in new wave of how the international voice communication in Mexico is shaping up.

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