Thursday, 17 December 2015

Make Cheap International Calls to Russia

The advancements in the telecom infrastructure made positive impact on how Russia is communicating internationally. The quality of incoming and outgoing international calls improved along with the cost effective alternatives for calling on mobile and landline phones internationally. Among which using internet telephony also known as VoIP, the international calling to Russia become very cheap. The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls use internet protocol to route voice packets over an IP network hence is quite simple and inexpensive way to make and receive international phone calls using just your internet connection. As a result, many full service VoIP players provide cheap international calls to Russia. Two such leading players, Skype and TringMe offers cheap calls to Russia, where 1st is known for making video calls whereas later is  leader in making HD voice quality calls over landline and phone calls with one of the lowest rates in industry. The increased penetration of high-speed internet access with supported infrastructure paved the way for increased usage of cheap VoIP calls Russia.

In Russia, coupled with the technological advancements in the telecom services the market growth is further fuelled by investments of cellular operators and broadband internet access expansion. However in recent past few years, the market seems to reach its maturity, only the mobile and fixed voice service which were the main revenue generation for the operators, witnessed a stagnation or somewhat decline. The only growing telecom services in Russia in last 3-2 years remain the fixed and mobile internet access and pay TV services, of which the growth and value of these telecom segments not sufficient to drive the entire telecom market in the country.

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