Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Make Cheap Calls to Bangladesh

Cheap Calls to Bangladesh
With the increased digitization across globe, in 2009, the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission commenced awarding licenses for Internet Protocol Telephony Service Providers. These operators are regulated by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). There are more than 800 VoIP service providers in Bangladesh and government has recommended to issue more licences to the service operators which made it quite an over licenced market. Currently domestic VoIP market of Bangladesh handles nearly 70m calls per day of which about 30m are still being done illegally to save the international calling costs, says some industry experts. These reflect how the international calling in Bangladesh is taking place. However not just for outgoing international calls but VoIP calls are proving best alternative for cheap international calls to Bangladesh. To cut down the international calling cost to Bangladesh, several full service VoIP players from across the globe provide cheap VoIP calls to Bangladesh. Among such players, the two leading VoIP players are Skype and TringMe. First is popular for making video calls whereas later is leading in making HD voice quality calls to landline and mobile phone calls with one of the cheapest calling rates in the VoIP calling industry allowing its subscribers to make cheap calls to Bangladesh.

With illegal VoIP calls remaining major hurdle for the growth of the industry, however with the correct understanding of the technology, the government of Bangladesh started to view the technology with positive image and taken steps to safeguard the industry which paved the way for the growth of Industry. Also the rising number of the mobile subscribers and usage of mobile data adding the fuel to the growth of the industry. However the lack of supportive telecommunication infrastructure to support the VoIP calls with high bandwidth and packet loss remains the major bottlenecks.

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