Friday, 15 January 2016

Cheap International Calls to China

cheap calls to China

The telecommunications industry in China is one the largest in world with its largest subscriber base and is continuously growing.  Among the advanced calling technologies, particularly VoIP communication has made its way in China though there was resistance for such by state owned telecom companies and ministry of information industry. The convergence of data and voice traffic led internet telephony essential and legal way of voice services delivery in China. These altered the scenario of how China is communicating with the world. Also the rising numbers of Smartphone holders and release of 4G license in China added the fuel. Not just for outgoing international calling, VoIP calls are proving best alternative for cheap international calls to China. To cut down the international calling cost, many VoIP companies across the globe provide cheap VoIP calls to China. Among the intense competition, two VoIP leading companies Skype and TringMe offers cheap calls to China where first is popular for making video calls whereas later is leading in making HD voice quality calls to landline and mobile phone calls with one of the cheapest calling rates in the VoIP calling industry.

The growth of VoIP services in China led by many promising factors such as industry supportive regulations by government, price differential with PSTN and international traffic growth. Apart from these, continuous growth in mobile subscriber base, with increased usage of 3G and 4G paved the way for growth of the VoIP industry, making China 3rd largest VoIP countries. The industry is at such a stage where adding up on value added services can give VoIP service providers a strategic advantage. However the players are suffering from host of challenges as well. With one of the vast network coverage, the ability to manage the network efficiently throughout the areas under coverage and build value propositions with maintaining the low costs remain the major hurdles for the players. 

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