Saturday, 23 January 2016

TringMe VoIP Service for Cheapest Calls to UK

With the surge in mobile phone usage and high speed internet, the people in UK have better option to reduce their international calling costs by using internet telephony. With the rise of 4G and fast broadband internet and reduced usage of fixed line phones, the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) providers are capitalizing on increased trend of VoIP calls which dramatically reduces the international calling costs. Over the past five to six years the VoIP users in UK has almost tripled growing from 12% to 35% and are mostly used to call family and friends in UK and abroad. Same way many full service VoIP players are providing cheap VoIP calls to UK. Among which two leading VoIP players are Skype and TringMe, where first is famous from making video calls whereas later is leading in making HD voice quality calls to landline and mobile phone calls with one of the cheapest calling rates in the VoIP calling industry allowing its subscribers to make cheap international calls to UK. Currently all the smartphones and PC's are supporting the VoIP technology to make cheap calls to UK which is one of the single largest factor paving the way for growth of VoIP calls across the nation.

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