Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Emerging Trends of VoIP in Indian Telecommunication Industry

Globally the telecommunication sector has been recognized as an essential tool for socio-economic development for a country and plays a crucial role in modernization and growth of various other sector of the economy. Over the past few years, Indian telecom sector has shown considerable growth, thanks to domestic demand, policy initiatives from the government and commendable efforts from the industry players. The key segments of the Indian telecommunication industry consist of telephony or voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), internet and television broadcasting amongst many other services.

The Development

In the journey of continuous development, the Indian telecom sector has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies of the world. The country has lowest call tariffs in the world supported by larger telephone network and extreme competitive market scenario. The Indian’s telecom network has been recognized as the world’s second largest network after China. As of October, 2014, India has 962.63 million of telephone subscribers, reflecting 0.52% of monthly growth rate. The teledensity has reached to 77.07 over the same period of time. Accounting for about 97% of the total telephone subscriptions in India, wireless segments dominates the largest telecom market in the country, whereas the wire line segments holds for the remaining 3%. The rural telecom users are growing rapidly compare to the urban market of the country.

Increasing Usage of Internet and Smart Phones

The smart phones which account for around 37% of all mobile phone subscriptions in the country are growing at CAGR 15% in India. It has been expected that there would be two smart phones for every three mobile connection by 2020, making India as the fourth largest smartphones market of the world. The affordable handset costs, coupled with growing usability and improved network coverage, are the key factors behind making success of mobile technology in India. Now, the internet penetration reached to around 15% in the country. As of December 2014, there were around 173 million internet users in India and it has been estimated that it would likely to reach to around 213 million by June 2015.

Emerging Trends of VoIP

The increasing penetration of internet and usage of smart phones in the country has further increased the use of VoIP calling amongst the users to take advantage of cheap/free voice/video calling services. As a result, in recent past few years, VoIP has emerged as one of the key option for cheap calls to India from the world economies. It is one the cost-effective and convenient options to stay in touch with family, friends and professional colleagues through cheap international calls.  

If you are living in abroad and wish to be in regular touch with your personal or professional group, now it’s not a difficult for you, as there are ample numbers of cheap calls alternatives available from various VoIP service providers. The availability of abundance of VoIP services providers, offers you numerous of calling card options; however you have to take care in choosing the best alternatives. It is advisable that always don’t go with cheapest alternatives, which sometime diminish quality of your calls. The leading service providers like TringMe, Skype, etc. are offering the better quality of service at affordable costs. At the end, you must have to be sure that you will be getting the hassle free VoIP calling service from your service providers to say ‘Hello’ to your loved one. 

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