Thursday, 12 March 2015

VoIP Trends in Pakistan Telecommunication Industry

The telecommunication services plays a crucial role in the development of economy, provides support and growth across the wide range of other industry in any economy. The level of telecommunication development is further determining factor for economy, social and cultural development of specific nation. The Pakistan has recently worked out the key developments in the telecom sector. The key focus is to expand utmost advantages to the general users in terms of easy accessibility of the better quality modern services like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), through creating competitive business environment amongst the service providers.

The Current Scenario

The fastest growing Pakistan’s telecom sector has bought significant fiscal, social and economical advantages during the past decades. The telecom subscribers are growing rapidly in the country, reached to 137.7 million during April 2014, showing tremendous growth potential for related other services like use of smart phones and internet over the smart phones. The constantly growing Cellular teledensity is also reached to 75.6% during April 2014. The telecommunication industry of Pakistan provides lucrative business potential and considered as the key target market by global companies. 

As of June 2013, Pakistan has around 129 million of cellular subscribers, showing about 72% penetration in the country. The country has reported growth of mobile users to around 7% annually during fiscal 2012-13. Pakistan’s mobile network has been spread over more than 92% of the total geographical areas of the country. The broadband penetration is competitively slow in the country to around 1.52 individual per 100 people, however showing rapid growth in recent past few years. The people of Pakistan are quickly catching up the technological advancement, especially in mobile and use of social media. The country has limited smart phone users to around 8-10% of total mobile users, however, it rising quickly day-to-day. 

Shifting Trends towards Cheap VoIP Calls

The telecommunication usage trends in Pakistan are shifting from just a traditional voice call and instant messages towards the use of modern technologies for multipurpose. People have started taking advantages of cheap call options using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), for domestic and international calls. VoIP offers the best alternatives for cheap calls to Pakistan. Many of the Pakistan people are spread over across the globe and already availing advantage of VoIP facility for making cheap international calls to Pakistan.

If you are living outside the Pakistan and thinking to make calls to Pakistan, just try VoIP which is the most convenient service available at competitively low costs. If you have internet facility over the computer or smart phones, you can take advantage of this facility to make a direct call to your personal or professional colleagues over the PC, land-line or mobile phones.

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