Friday, 13 March 2015

Trends of VoIP in Chinese Telecommunication Industry

The Chinese telecommunication industry has undergone drastically change after the restructuring process undertaken by the government during 1994, 1999 and further in 2002. Currently, the industry have been dominated by three state-owned companies known as China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobil, each one engaged in varied areas of the telecommunication sector, however having different focus areas. The current market trends are changing from just traditional calls and instant messages to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to avail benefits of low cost international calls.

The Development

The world’s largest populated country, China has largest fixed line and mobile network across the globe in term of both network capacity as well as number of subscribers. As of November 2014, China has reported a total of about 250 million of fixed line telecom subscribers and 1.28 billion of mobile phone subscribers in the country. As a result, the fixed-line teledensity and mobile teledensity reached to around 18.6 and 93.5 respectively during the same period of time. Due to the features of multipurpose uses, the mobile subscribers are growing rapidly in the country and the trends of fixed-line telecom are decreasing amongst the Chinese people in recent past few years. The Chinese telecom sector is adding around 1.25 millions of mobile subscribers every week.

Looking to the internet penetration, China is the home of world’s largest internet users. The country has 481 million of 3G subscribers using internet over mobile phone and around 200 millions of people using broadband internet service. As of 2014, China has around 46% of internet penetration, which is further growing quickly. The largest numbers of internet users in China are taking advantage of it on numerous ways. One of the emerging trends amongst Chinese consumers is increasing usage of VoIP for cheap international calls. As of March 2013, China has more than 12 million of registered VoIP users in the country, considering VoIP as the best cheap call option to make or receive international call across various country of the globe.

Why VoIP to Call in China?

VoIP is the latest technology to revolutionize the global communication. It is indeed an affordable means of making cheap international calls. China is the manufacturing hub of the world and therefore business fraternity of the world economies continuous required to make calls to China for business perspectives. The larger numbers of Chinese people are also spread across various countries of the globe for varied reasons and constantly required to be in touch with their personal and professional networks in China. VoIP is the best means of communication to make cheap calls to China, which is emerging among-st global users for business and personal purposes. The use of VoIP for international calls will reward you a lot of money benefits.

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