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Growing Trends of VoIP in US Telecom Sector

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The telecommunication industry of USA is one of the large having technologically advanced and multipurpose communication system. The country has large system of fiber-optic cable, microwave radio relay, coaxial wire, and a domestic satellite carries every form of phone traffic; a quickly rising cellular system carries mobile phone traffic across the country. Continued with robust growth in connectivity demand, innovation in devices and service offering are the key trends reflected by the present telecom sector of the country. Besides these, the sector is focusing on the following few key important factors like –
  • Increasing traction of wireless networks
  • Aggressive expansion of high-speed fiber-based network, specifically for video/TV offerings
  • Consolidation within the industry for better service offerings
  • Continuous innovation in products and service offerings
  • To tap the untapped market as nearly fifth of rural American household lack the broadband access.
The Development

The telecommunication sector is one the fastest growing sector in USA. As of 2013, the country has around 135 million wire line telephone subscribers and 335.65 numbers of wireless subscribers in the country. The country has registered 104.3% of wireless penetration in the country. Furthermore, there are 68.8% of total mobile users are using smart phone in USA. The uses of internet over the smart phone are also increasingly amongst the American consumers. As on June 2014, the country has 85.9 million broadband subscribers and growing further towards the 100 million subscribers in near future. Overall, USA has 87% of the internet penetration in the country.

The growing trends of VoIP
The growing trends of VoIP clearly reflect the changing communication trends amongst the American consumers. This is due to VoIP offers competitively cheap calling options for domestic or international calls. Super power America’s business relations are spread across the globe and constant required to the international communication. Furthermore, the larger numbers of people from global economies are migrated to USA for job or business perspectives, though their relatives and business associate constant requires making calls to USA. If you are one of them and searching for better option for cheap international calls to USA, you can avail the VoIP facility, which might be the best alternatives for you in making cheap calls to USA.

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